Increase Traffic To Your Premium Retail Locations

Our Retail Visibility Package has helped numerous stores gain their rightful place among local results.  Even if you don’t currently rank, we’re confident that our system will put you among the premium local leaders.

Imagine for a moment you are the owner or manager of several high end retail stores; Chanel in Manhattan for instance, with five locations.


For some reason, your Upper East Side location outsells others by a wide margin for handbags.  The Soho store is more profitable, but doesn’t come close on handbag sales. What’s going on here?


You type ‘handbags upper east side’ into Google, and Chanel is the 3rd local result, behind Louis Vuitton and Coach. Pretty good. ‘Handbags soho’ puts Chanel on the third page, buried under 25 other results. 


‘Handbags soho’ has 1,800 searches every month.  ‘soho handbag’ has another 900. The Soho store is missing out on a ton of potential business because it isnt listed favorably on the search engine results page.


Retail visibility online has never been more important, and the trend isn’t reversing soon. Local results, often displayed through Apple and Google maps, have even greater impact on smartphone and tablet users.

Case study: Increasing foot traffic through local search marketing and optimization

Quick Facts:

  • Achieved #6 local search ranking for industry term 'Designer Furniture' In New York City. Previously 79th.

  • Achieved #4 local search ranking for industry term 'Designer Furniture' In Washington D.C. Previously 35th.

  • Increased website local store page traffic by 402% over 5 months. (88% of local store store page visits result in a call or visit to the store within 24 hours).