Turn Online Traffic into Sales

Your best new customer is the one you already have. Our software will target, segment and engage your potential customers based on their interest level and sale cycle stage.

You’ve attracted target visitors to your site. That's a great start. But how do you turn this traffic into leads, into lifelong customers?
At BrandWire we use powerful software, which, when integrated with your current Customer Management System, becomes a strong and effective sales engine. We track the behaviour of visitors and gather their contact information with offers. We then monitor the engagement of each lead with your brand and analyse their stage in the sale cycle. Our system is automated allowing us to use the intelligence acquired to offer your future customer the right message, in the right place, at the right time. With each message we bring your leads further along the sales cycle until they reach purchase.
And we don’t just leave it there. We put strategies in place to keep your customers loyal to your brand over time, bringing them attractive messages and offers to keep them connected and engaged with your brand for a lifetime.