Who we are

We're the agency that helps your prestige brand target, engage, and grow its customer base online. We automate and track everything to keep us 

accountable and your sales growing.

Our mission


At BrandWire we are dedicated to helping prestige brands implement effective digital marketing strategies. By defining a unique approach for each of your customers’ profiles, we give a human face to your digital presence. We link your marketing and sales processes all in one place, saving you time and money while achieving the highest results.

Our Leadership


Christopher Tiso, CEO – Chris is the founder and president of BrandWire NYC. He has taken the online marketing expertise gained from previous entrepreneurial ventures to start BrandWire NYC. Ever since, he has been applying his own successful principles and marketing methods to help other business owners become successful online.


Lucien von Wehren, Director of Marketing – Lucien helped found BrandWire NYC after managing operations at ATS Web Solutions. His previous experience in all aspects of digital marketing, excellent analytical skills and creative thinking have helped our clients grow their brands and sales with great ROI.


Karine Charrier, Project Manager - Karine joined the BrandWire team shortly after its founding and quickly gained a leadership role with in depth industry knowledge. Her organizational skills and continuous process improvements have helped BrandWire gain a competitive edge.


Our Process


We create tailored strategies starting by defining the Personas of your brand. This allows us to bring greater acuity, focus and empathy into the marketing development process. We use proven methods to bring customers to your physical stores and ecommerce platforms. We improve continuously using analytics and lead nurturing software.


To learn how we can help your brand succeed, let's better define your goal. What's your biggest objective for digital marketing: